Thursday, October 13, 2011

What to do when you lose your calendar?

So, I lost my calendar.  I'm one of those that has an actual, physical calendar in book form!  And I sync it manually with my Outlook calendar at home (because I still like those little reminders).  But I don't have a smart phone is an I can't sync my Outlook with something that travels with me all the time.

But I lost my the middle of October.  Do I buy another one?  I can't bring myself to do that, because I ALREADY have a 2012 calendar ready to go.  To avoid trying to keep Post-It notes in order in my purse (because, inevitably, that is what everything gets written on in my world), I decided to make a calendar.

We started with an old journal I had lying around (purchased at Michael's from the $1 bins) that hadn't been used by anyone other than my 4-year old, who simply scribbled on every page he came across.  After tearing those pages out, I had just enough left to make a calendar with the 10 or 11 weeks left in the year (wow...really??).

Old journal book

Then add lines with permanent marker to divide each page into 4 equal parts 

 See...all nice and divided.

 Then, add in your month and year at the top of the page and fill in the dates for each week.

I wouldn't suggest doing this all by hand for a full's very time consuming.  But to bridge a gap and fill a need for 10-12 weeks, it works quite well.  So that's my money-saving tip today.

On a completely unrelated note, I am starting to take a bunch of oil is among them.  Let me suggest investing in the "burpless" me, you don't want to be burping fishy taste all day.  I don't care if you like fish or not.  Just a PSA.

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